Thursday, September 25, 2008

Progress #2

I have my second interview on Monday. This time it's in Newtown, CT (one hour away from the CIA) with Fine Cooking magazine. It's a bit funny - last year when applying for externships, I sent out my resume to Fine Cooking, but the timing didn't work out, and I went to Des Moines. The Fine Cooking magazine did however remember my resume - apparently working for the Federal Reserve prior to joining the CIA stands out :)

I'm looking forward to drive to CT and seeing the test kitchen of the magazine and meeting with the editorial team. And this time around I actually have appropriate business casual attire to wear to the interview. Erica is so proud :)


Olga said...

This is super exciting! I think I have CT on my list of states to visit :)


Anonymous said...

I wish you luck on all your interviews. you'll do fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Yes Hello,
My client is looking for a personal chef, in Greenwich, CT. I will be happy to give whatever details I can via email please contact me at your earliest conveiniece @