Thursday, June 19, 2008

Step 2

I finished my resume last night while watching Top Chef. I officially have passed the 1-page limit that many people recommend for a resume. I don't know, it's hard for me to cut out information from the resume just so that it fits on one page. My margins are very narrow as is.

Today met with Wendy Higgins at the Career Services. Went really well. She's quite knowledgeable and recommended I restructure my resume into a functional resume. I might play with it and see if that would work better.

We discussed my job opportunities - looks like I might have to make a location vs. position decision. For example, do I want to work for Cooking Light in Alabama and have more input, hands-on experience, or would I rather work in New York City and start at the bottom of the "food chain."

My other accomplishment today was to receive a list of the CIA alumni who are working in the food publishing and Research & Development fields of the industry. I plan to contact some of them and hopefully will at least able to speak with them, and even better get a job interview.


Yaneev said...

That's not even a decision. Take my advice - position is much better than location. I'd take the position in Alabama because you could always move to a bigger publication later once you've established your chops. Being at the bottom of the food chain in New York City will not be fun, because you'll be working such shitty hours, that you won't get to enjoy the city. Trust me, I know you, and you'll be much happier in Alabama for a few years. :-)

cia007girl said...

Yaneev, me in Alabama? You don't know me at all :)

Max said...

Would you be able to post the listing of current students or at least let me know where it is available?